Dressing your pear shape body

Do you have a pear shape body? There are many clothing styles out there that will flatter your pear body.

Pears usually carry their weight in the lower half of their bodies.Making them bottom heavy beauties.You have a small to medium chest with wide hips, thich thighs and big bottom.

But don't worry, there are many clothing styles that suit your pear shape body. All we need to do is balance out your body, and here's how.

Tops for a pear shape body


You can be bold on top so add a splash of color, and bold design! Go for tops that will:

Create body balance that you will need to take the emphasis away from your generous hips and draw the eye to the top half of your beautiful body.

This is easily done by choosing tops with the right shape, and style.

The tops that you choose should be fitted and not baggy and should always finish at the top of your hips to emphasize your well-defined waist. Avoid tops and short jackets that end at your bum because these draw the eye to your larger middle section.

The most flattering tops for your pear shape body should be of about three quarter length. This is because that length will cover your less than flattering areas effectively. These areas include your hips, bottom and thighs.

Tops for pear shapes to avoid:
Big baggy tops are a serious no no. you need to wear tops that show off your small waist

Tops with small or dainty collars.

Skirts for a pear shape body


Pear shaped girls should look for skirts that are either a line or flared as this will help to skim hips and thighs.

pPaneled styles slim and balance fuller hips.

If you like gypsy skirts these will also look really great on your pear figure, along with maxi skirts.

Skirts that pear shape bodies need to avoid:
Tube skirts or pencil skirts are most certainly a no because they will show off your thigh thighs and big bottom.

You don't want to wear a Fishtail skirt because it will bring out and show off the size of your hips.

Never wear bias cut skirts.

jeans or pants for a pear shape body

Jeans or Pants:

Pear shape women need to stay with dark colors and simple shapes when it comes to their pants. Doing this will help to minimise your bottom half.

Pear shaped bodies can't go wrong if they go for clean lines and muted colors. If they choose flat front pants with a wide leg or flares.

Try to wear mid rise styles as they will be the most flattering for your pear body type.

Pants that Pears need to avoid:
Do not use bright colors for your bottom half. It will only draw attention to your bigger bottom

Skinny jeans are a no no because they will only show off how big your hips are.

Pants that have pockets on the thigh area will only make you look more broad.

Jackets or coats for a pear shape body

Jackets and Coats:

For Pears it's all about balance. When looking for a jacket or coat you should look for ones that have wide sleeves, structured shoulders and wide lapels.

Also, look for jackets that have some details, like a faux fur collar for example.

Accentuate your trim waist with fitted styles.

Coats and Jackets for the Pear shape body to Avoid:
Straight funnel neck coats

coats that don't have enough structure. Avoid slouchy shoulder designs.

Skinny lapels will only narrow your top half and you want to avoid your top have looking any more narrorw.

Underwear for pears:

Pear underwear should be used to give your bust a boost and use shapewear to slim your hips and thighs.

Look for thigh shaper control pants, they will help slim the bottom heavy areas.

Push up or padded bras will help to ad some volume to your bust line.

Underwear for the pear shape body to avoid:
A minimiser bra. You want to add to your chest, not take away.

Throw out those old bras that don't fit anymore. Same with those saggy underwear.