Hairstyles for Fat Faces

hairstyles for fat faces

Having a round face is not the end of the world. There are many different hairstyles for fat faces available for you to choose from depending on your individual style.

Round faces are common and they are usually as wide as they are long.

Many women have round faces and arn't even full figured. The trick is to choose a hairstyle that will minimize the roundness of your face.

To elongate your face one trick that you might try is lifting your hair up at the crown to give your hair a bit of height. This will make your face seem longer.

To achieve this look all you do is lightly back comb the roots near the crown of your head and spray on some hairspray to make it last.

The good news when looking for hairstyles for round faces that you have the option of wearing any kind of short or long hairdo.

You just have to make sure that your hairstyle is making your face look longer instead of adding to it's width.

Long hairstyles usually work best for fat faces. This is because the length of your hair is already contributing to the length of your face.

Just make sure that if you do choose a long hairstyle that you keep the hair on the sides of your cheeks straight and not wavy.

You can hide the roundness of your face also by tapering the ends of your hair below your chin.

hairstyles for round faces

If long hair isn't for you, you can still downplay the appearance of a round face with shorter hairstyles like a bob haircut that is smoothly layered.

Just make sure that the length of the hair is past the cheeks. This will make the cheek area look much less wide.

If you have a fat face, avoid wearing bangs. Instead try a side swept bang. It will ad angles to your face which will give the illusion of it looking less round.

As you can see there are many options for hairstyles for fat faces.You just need to find one that suits your personality and time commitment.

fat face hairstyle