Dressing for your body type

Knowing what your body shape is, is key for dressing for your body type.

When you start using clothing and accessories that flatter your body shape it builds confidence and that sexy attitude that turns heads.

So first trick is, to go look in the mirror and give yourself a good look over.

What do you see? Well, I can say with alot of confidence that you see a beautiful woman staring back at you! Now the next bit of information will help you to determine what your body shape is exactly.

Apple Body Shape

Apple Shape Body

If when you look in the mirror you see:

Most of your weight seems to be in the waistline area and tummy to the point that you don't have a well defined waist.

Your bust is generally large, you hips are wide, and you generally look round in the torso area.

Your legs are generally more slim that your upper body.

When you gain weight it is usually in the mid section and your upper tummy is usually the biggest.

You have an apple shape body.

A couple of celebrities that share your body shape are Oprah Winfrey and Drew Barrymore.

Clothes that Flatter Apple Shape body's best

Pear Shape Body

Pear Shape Body

Staring back at you from the mirror is a body that has shoulders that are more narrow in comparison to your lower body and hips.

Your bust is much smaller than your hips and bottom area as the bottom half of your body is much more curvier.

This will usually cause you to have problems getting dresses to fit right.

You have a pear shape body

There are both skinny and heavier versions of the pear shape.

Dressing for your body type will create a more balance look.

A couple of celebrities that share your body shape are Kate Winslet and Beyonce.

Clothes that flatter a pear shape body

Hour Glass Body Shape

Hour Glass Body Shape

So when you look in the mirror and you see that both your upper and lower halves are equal in size but that your midsection or waist is much smaller and more defined.

Your shoulders are in proportion with hips.

Your bust and bottom are both curvy.

you wear the same clothing size on both the bottom and the top.

You are an Hour Glass Figure.

Ladies with hourglass figures are generally thought of as very sexy since your weight is evenly distrbuted to all of your curves.

There are both slim and fuller versions of this body shape.

The fuller version usually has bigger thighs and a more full bust and bottom and hips. The waist however is smaller in comparison.

Dressing for your body type will create a sexy sizzling head turning looks.

A couple of celebrities that share your body shape are Scarlette Johansson and Christina Hendricks.

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle Body Shape

When you look in the mirror do you see that have a full neck, average size bust. You have a broad back with an undefined waist.Your figure is balanced with great legs and arms.

You have a rectangle body shape

Currently this shape is the "ideal" shape for today's top models.

You have a figure that is both athletic and lean. And though you wish your waist had more curves you have a bottom that is usually flat.

You are blessed with slim long arms and slender lengthy legs.

However, when you do gain you weight it typically goes to your tummy forming a little pot belly, and your thighs and love handles.

Though having a rectangle shape means little curves you can learn that by dressing for your body type that you can create the illusion of a more curvier figure.