Beauty makeup tips for face shapes

Beauty makeup tips can help hide a number of issues we may feel that we'd like to hide.

Some girls would like to slim their faces. Some want to hide a double chin, others would love to know how to have dramatic eye tips.

Or do you want to enhance your features? Maybe you'd like to learn how to do smokey eyes

Every face shape has it's own set of issues, and all you need is the right beauty makeup tips to help you get your face looking it's most beautiful.

Makeup tips for round faces

Round face shapes

Round faces are characterised by being as wide as they are long. So many girls seek out ways to make their round faces appear longer.

Don't dispare though, round face girls. Round faces are often considered youthful because of round cheeks and are considered very feminine.

The trick to making a round face appear longer is through contouring.

Contouring is easy, all you need is to have is two different shades of foundation.

With your lighter shade of foundation apply it to:

  • Your forehead
  • Tops of the cheeks and chin

    With your darker shade of foundation apply it to:

  • cheeks
  • Sides of the face and jaw line

    Once this is done blend it all in up towards your hairline and all the way down to your neck.

    If you apply a darker shade to your neck area, this will also help you to minimise the look of a double chin.

    Makeup for heart shape faces

    Heart shape face

    Ladies with heart shape faces will have most of the width of their face in their forehead area. Your face will narrow to a point in the chin area.

    So the goal with heart face shapes is to draw attention away from their chin.

    We do this by creating dramatic eyes.

    When applying your make up you want to create the illusion of an oval face.

    you have a heart shaped face, the width of your face will be at the forehead and cheek area. Your chin will be the narrow point of your head. When applying makeup, the goal is to create an oval face shape. This can be achieved with pressed powder or liquid foundation.

    The main point of attraction for the heart-shaped face is the eyes. Let your eyes stand out to draw attention away from the chin area. Try using dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a dramatic look around your eyes.

    To widen the appearance of your chin area:

    • Contour the temples and cheeks of your face.

    This will help to diminish the width in this area of your face.

    •Highlight your chin so it appears to be more broad.

    •Highlight your forehead area and underneath your beautiful eyes,just to the top of your cheekbones.

    These beauty makeup tips will draw attention more to the center of your face and away from your chin.

    Oval shape faces

    Oval shape face

    You oval face shape girls have it so lucky. You have what many believe to be the perfect face shape. Because oval faces have beautiful symmetry you do not have to address any flaws.

    You do not need to highlight or contour any part of your face. All other face shapes need to do some of this to make their faces appear more oval. You get this naturally.

    Oval face shapes can usually support most makeup trends, so have fun and experiment with your face.

    Celebrities with oval faces are:

    • Megan Fox

    • Jessica Simpson

    • Amanda Peet

    Makeup tips for square faces

    Square shape face

    If you have a square shaped face it has the same width at the forehead, the cheeks and the jaw.

    To make your square face look it's best:

    • At the the two corners of your temples contour your hairline and at the two corners of your jaw.

    • To make your face appear more oval you need to widen your face by appling blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will help to draw attention away from the corners of the square of your face.

    • Draw attention from the middle of your face by highlighting down the center of your forehead, then underneath your eyes to just on top part of your cheekbones, and then to the tip of your chin.